Coast Cuff

Subtle, interesting and truly personal, Coast Cuffs are the latest addition to the Coast family.  

Handcrafted in Melbourne, Australia, each cuff bracelet is engraved with your choice of coastline, subtly illustrating your favourite part of the world, surf spot or dream retreat. From the sunny beaches of Sydney, to the icy shores of the Canadian Arctic, chose your spot and let me know. I will custom engrave your favourite coastline, mountain range, river run or lakeshore on your custom made cuff bracelet.

Coast Cuffs are 8mm wide and a sturdy 2mm thick. They are great for both men and women, and are adjustable to fit small to large wrists.

Available in polished and mixed matte and polished finishes.

**If you have a particular small or large wrist, please let me know and sizing can be adjusted.

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